Saturday, October 8, 2011

the world still needs you

Theatrical, decadent, grotesque, jaw-breaking, poetic and always innovative- these words always come out from spectator's mouth in Mcqueen's astonishing realm. He is the master of provocation and a designer unapologetic to the brilliance he would want to capture. No one can question Mcqueen's keen predilection in his works. Burton, his scion, can attest to that and even ordinary spectators can prove that he's a true genius. Not only Mcqueen was a designer, but also he was an artist. While selling clothes in a blink of an eye, he makes us feel emotions in his works- something rare in most catwalks today. 

Lee might be a gnarled thorny bush or tree that is fed on by harpies now, but his works still lives today. He might have perished but still most fashion dreamers breath through him; copying and taking inspirations, you name it.

His works are for more than beautiful. His concepts flow in the vast theatrical river wherein he pour all his emotions down the runway. May it be fear or angst, no one is to blame him for his ingenuity. He's not guilty of misogny. He makes clothes not to flatter a woman's figure. Mcqueen makes clothes for the fearless, for those ready to flaunt his works in the fish market.  Mcqueen, the world is at your feet. 

“I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and na├»ve, because I know what can happen to them. I want women to look stronger.”

We love you Kate Lee!

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