Monday, October 31, 2011

Xernan Orticio Spring Summer 2012


Xernan Orticio's Mecha-Symmetry was bound with an enthralling origami techniques, peculiar patterns and seemingly oriental feel with the play of its structure. Orticio's collection was Japanese-inspired which was composed of cream and fuchsia panels, chiffon and embellishments.  His precise fabric cutting technique was still obvious. Its keen geometric was lauded with the strength of fuchsia giving enough life and power to the femininity of the cream. Include his magnificent pick in color combinations plus that structured patterns- all amazing. Mecha-Symmetry is definitely my favorite from the Designs Fusion | Visions and Trends.




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Tina Daniac Spring Summer 2012



As previously said, one of my favorites from the Luxe Wear collections is that of Tina Daniac's. It was a sigh, a relief perse when the models have started walking the runway in an unusual patterned beading on sheer silhouettes. Amazing show Ms. Daniac!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anna Wintour

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Albert Andrada Spring Summer 2012

Albert Andrada will always be the best for me. Intricately-fused appliques, ornaments, contemporary Native American Indian war bonnets, exquisite detailing-- these and many more tell how creative and astounding Andrada's show was. A movement from the Renaissance to the Native American Indian fete has become the main theme of his show. He has achieved perfect elements which took certain techniques and inspirations from the traditional drama. In the past, war bonnets, or in his show's case, a headpiece, were items of great spiritual and magical importance.

Magical indeed, as the sleek runway have turned into a magistrate of illusive and melodramatic feel so light and fathomable. The last, will be always not the best. Rather, the Grand Allure collection have started with a mystic epiphany. The models were decked with numerous long fringes, seemingly crystallized underwear, and peculiar patterns seemingly inundated with prying with thirst of discovery.

Andrada's Spring/Summer collection was a splendor of beauty aloft any others who presented their collection. His 2012 collection was truly a tryst of the old and the new.


PhFW 2012 Finale

This season has the grandest ending, but this will never be the best season (ever). Love the set-up tho and the quirkyness of the Menswear.

Monday, October 17, 2011

5 stars for Michael Cinco


When you gossip about the flamboyancy of haute couture in the Philippines, there's no other name best mentioned than Michael Cinco. His unparalleled ingenuity, along with the Filipino blood that runs in his veins,  draws an astounding fete. Michael Cinco is this year's featured designer in the Annual PhilippineNational Red Cross Fashion Gala.

Cinco wanted to blunt to the fashionphiles in Manila the unwritten history of his vision. There was a blatant dominance of embroideries and embellishments. There were three segments which went on to a keen predilection for the audience to see a more wearable collection, as said by Cinco, but still maintains the spirit of couture. The 40-piece collection has raved in his travels around Greece and its -esque business that falls into a chasm of flexible elements.  “I’m flattered as well because Tessa (Prieto-Valdes) and Kaye (Tinga) gave me the chance to showcase my collection to raise funds for a worthy endeavor,” said by Cinco in an interview with the Inquirer. 

Cinco used variuation of techniques to the eye-melting intricacy of the gowns and dresses. As if constructed in the times of Plutarch, one cannot draw a border between fantasy and reality. The collection were delusions only of the grandeur! Congrats, not only to Michael Cinco but as well as to Kaye Tinga and (forever ozzum columnist) Tessa Valdes for a successful Red Cross Ball!


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Under the sea without mermaids

Chanel's egotistical take this season equates to the sublime beauty of a woman. Nothing can be called so austere- all from the venue, music, atmosphere, and the collection itself. The menacing and astute abilities of Karl Lagerfeld, perse, never fails to take one's breath away. Chanel Spring 2012 was a whimsical underwater collection without water. The Grand Palais, the venue for the show, was filled with monstrous shells, corals and every beautiful thing the sea has and croons of Florence Welch.

If it were all concepts, it wasn't Chanel at all without the tweeds and mille-feuille pleats. These were kept recognizable as the hallmark of the big fashion house. The runway was frothing with dresses with angular necklines, pants with adornment of pearls, daytime frocks, voluminous short sleeves, blush tutus- all rendered for women with modern taste in geometric dominion. Chanel also transformed diaphanous organzas into the most multifaceted take on  pleated skirts. Also, the collection disclosed seeweed like dresses,  silver needleworks and black dresses splashed with frosting sequins.

Under the sea it is, a spectacular show of underwater lucidity in a gentle and poetic manner.

Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

 Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

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