Saturday, October 1, 2011

New blog, obviously

I made a new blog, obviously.

If you've read, or passed by my other blog, you might as well noticed my "inactiveness". I've been everywhere, lurking, chasing my dreams along with my editors and making legacies in our organization. We've been milking for triumph and pricking the sinew of many pitched battles. 

Well, if there's a fuckery that stopped me from blogging for awhile, it is to be blamed to my academics and other personal matters that is seriously fucked-up. Meanwhile, photos will explain where and what I've been/been doing for the long month of slothful blogging.

Fake training for the Division Level. I swear, you cannot call this training! Preach!

Participants in the Division level of Sports Writing (Filipino and English)

We were given one hour to finish our sports story.

Alejandrea is my best pal that day, my category is in English, hers is in Filipino.

One week after the Divisions for Sports Writing, the major categories transpired at Torres High School. We were 11 all in all.

I also competed in News Writing (English). This is the room where 50 of us vied for the top 20 spots in order for us to compete in the Regionals,

The awarding of the Division level was held hours after the competition. 7 of us made it in the 9 categories. Pretty good for first timers!

I was also busy with our school paper. I had a hard time managing it, having constant changes in the layout and checking other human-errors in each article.

Since sports writing also comes first, me and Alejandrea were the first to get our ID's for Regionals. My ID had two circles in different colors which means that I am competing for two categories.

First draft of our first issue.

Closer look:

I'm nervous about our editorial and opinion section. I mean, will history repeat itself again? 

Regionals came. Only 6 of us remained. Our representative for photojourn has been disqualified because of poor-formed reasons of the organizers. Sigh, politics.

Idle hours. I competed for the hardest category, I swear! The other's topics were as easy as hell. Mine was "Write a news story about PNoy's achievements in his recent trips to US and Japan." No other facts were provided to us. So what I did was I invented at my own risk. I hope the words I've put in there were closest to the real facts! Harhar

Pain in the ass: library paper. I just finished doing 10 summary notecards and 5 quotation notecards.

That's it!

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