Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's just not enough

Will Bill Gaytten ever get the sweet 'yes' of the normal Dior spectators? I guess it's still a no for now. Every Dior spectator seeks for that awful, ostentatious, ground-breaking and maybe, a grostesque collection that the we-can't-move-on designer have done over the past years.


The couture show might have become a circus mess, but I think his straw for commercialism can just settle the "okay" collection. Well, one word to describe his SS'12 collection: Pretty. There's been a lot of improvement, that's blatant, but improvements are just to a certain extent, it does not cover the whole. The whole which is the "G" feel that everyone longs for.


Uhhm, I used pretty since its the most overused word in the scene. Might as well for Gaytten, who, is still on the start point of his career, have already been bashed with myriad of unwanted criticisms. It's all that "Galliano" feel that makes people rant about each season about Dior. The heart of Dior seems not to beat anymore.

I mean, can you just compare this collection to the previous one ('11) ?


Dior has doomed to factions with remorse. But, until when?

We miss you!

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