Monday, October 17, 2011

5 stars for Michael Cinco


When you gossip about the flamboyancy of haute couture in the Philippines, there's no other name best mentioned than Michael Cinco. His unparalleled ingenuity, along with the Filipino blood that runs in his veins,  draws an astounding fete. Michael Cinco is this year's featured designer in the Annual PhilippineNational Red Cross Fashion Gala.

Cinco wanted to blunt to the fashionphiles in Manila the unwritten history of his vision. There was a blatant dominance of embroideries and embellishments. There were three segments which went on to a keen predilection for the audience to see a more wearable collection, as said by Cinco, but still maintains the spirit of couture. The 40-piece collection has raved in his travels around Greece and its -esque business that falls into a chasm of flexible elements.  “I’m flattered as well because Tessa (Prieto-Valdes) and Kaye (Tinga) gave me the chance to showcase my collection to raise funds for a worthy endeavor,” said by Cinco in an interview with the Inquirer. 

Cinco used variuation of techniques to the eye-melting intricacy of the gowns and dresses. As if constructed in the times of Plutarch, one cannot draw a border between fantasy and reality. The collection were delusions only of the grandeur! Congrats, not only to Michael Cinco but as well as to Kaye Tinga and (forever ozzum columnist) Tessa Valdes for a successful Red Cross Ball!


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