Sunday, October 30, 2011

Albert Andrada Spring Summer 2012

Albert Andrada will always be the best for me. Intricately-fused appliques, ornaments, contemporary Native American Indian war bonnets, exquisite detailing-- these and many more tell how creative and astounding Andrada's show was. A movement from the Renaissance to the Native American Indian fete has become the main theme of his show. He has achieved perfect elements which took certain techniques and inspirations from the traditional drama. In the past, war bonnets, or in his show's case, a headpiece, were items of great spiritual and magical importance.

Magical indeed, as the sleek runway have turned into a magistrate of illusive and melodramatic feel so light and fathomable. The last, will be always not the best. Rather, the Grand Allure collection have started with a mystic epiphany. The models were decked with numerous long fringes, seemingly crystallized underwear, and peculiar patterns seemingly inundated with prying with thirst of discovery.

Andrada's Spring/Summer collection was a splendor of beauty aloft any others who presented their collection. His 2012 collection was truly a tryst of the old and the new.


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